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I am looking forward to share my personal and professional knowledge and experiences related to social-educational issues and challenges locally and internationally. I believe that much can be generated and learn cross culturally deriving from the varied diversity found in the education systems. Thus i welcome any thoughts, ideas, opinion and feedback on any educational issue which can contribute to both understanding theories and building educational implications. Issues can be very controversial but we have to address them open mindedly and creatively.My present interests are in child development, adolescent psychology,educational governance and policies and the science and art of teaching and research.Once again you are most welcome!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


From my interactions with undergraduates in my classes and tutorials i always tried to understand their world view or weltanschauung. How does one measure another's world view especially if it is a private inner view stationed in one's mind? How does one probe into the privacy of the thoughts of university students or learners. ?What do they think of the future? Of the present or the past? Do they ever allocate time to think about life in general and career specifically. What exactly do they think about everyday ,every minute, every hour every week or every second? How do they conceive learning at the ivory tower? When i was an undergraduate i think the campus is the greatest happening in my life. I seek knowledge with fear fortitude and perseverance. The future was probably just a stone's throw away. It was not as complicated as graduating out of the university. Yes undergraduates what exactly color your thoughts everyday? I asked them "Did you go to the movie ............" the answer was majority said no or they looked blank. What sort of life does an undergraduate faces nowadays?What materials do they read other than the assigned tutorial topics. Do they have ample time for recreation and to do reflection?Are they afraid of unemployment or joblessness? Do they have dreams and can they achieve their dreams?The graduates of 2009 can be different from the graduates of 1989 and 2100 . What aspires and inspires graduates or undergraduates? Do they think about other terriotory such as politics ?What do they think about adults and society? Please university undergraduates and graduates , let us know your thoughts as you are thinking now and for the future .


  1. When I was in college, those were the most enjoyable days in my life. I enjoyed studying there with my friends. We did our best in everything and still had our social life. For example we would go to movies, picnics and outings. But when I was an undergraduate, life was different from my college days because of my family , work and part time studies. I continued my studies for my own satisfaction and for a better future. I am doing my masters also because of my own desire to improve myself. Eventhough I find it very taxing, I always think of opportunity that I might miss if I never upgrade myself. I believe in life long learning.


  2. Hi, prof

    I have had a plan to continue my study since 3 years ago. That is why I started to save money in order to pursue my master degree here, in Malaysia.

    I continue my study because I feel that my knowledge of children development including curriculum, assesment, etc is very limited. I want to make it better.

    I am very grateful that I can study in Malaysia specially in UKM since in my opinion this is the best place for me in fulfilling the needs of my knowledge. I can read a lot of international journals about ECE in a very good library. I can be taught and can share my opinion with my qualified lecturers. I can meet friends from Malaysia and other countries. I can learn about respecting other religions, culture, language etc. I can meet profesor.

    When I go back to my country where I will apply what I have studied, I will make the children's life and their school environments more wonderful and respectful. I will share them about living in diversity of language, etnicity, religion, gender and disability. At least, this is what I can give to my country.


  3. to me, the best way to probe into someone else's mind is by talking and sharing your views with them. the differences in thoughts will make us aware of the diversity in thoughts among humans and how we perceive life. something that we see as simple might turn out to be complicated for others. and this is where the more experienced will lead and guide the younger minds. as an undergraduate student, starting on my thesis is like warning lights flashing furiously in my mind every day (hint! hint!). i no longer indulge in watching korean and japanese dramas and movies as there's so much to read! life is hectic but at the same time these challenges give me a sense of fulfilment.i try to take every thing in my stride so that i won't be stressed out as juggling my studies and a demanding family is not easy. i do some extensive reading on my lecture + thesis topics and try to squeeze a novel or two in between. right now i only think of completing my masters and hope to step out into the teaching world again, but this time as someone who has an altered view of life and contributing more to the society's and nation's growth. i feel that is what pursuing a master's degree does to me: stretching and reaching out to what i have best to offer!

  4. Shairatul Azlin, UKMAugust 13, 2009 at 1:06 AM

    Life as varsity student has always been very fascinating to me..even now,..back in 2001-2003, i had a very joyful journey in persuing my first degree in UPM..i always reminded myself that i won't let the study limits me from enjoying my life..movies (LOTR n others)..jungle trekking, trip to langkawi n other places with friends each time before sem break (using ptptn..he3)..fascilatating courses that was organized by my lecturer (espc Dr. Fadzil Che Din)..friends and studies..that was my priorities..and now, while persuing my master, i had to deal with more priorities..family(mak, ayah, adik2, hubby n kids), studies and other unexpected matters..ha3..i just hope n pray that i'll be given the strength to continue this journey...n after all the hectic and chaos...i still enjoy being a student...looking forward to complete my master degree and become the 'sarjana' as they always said...:)

    Shairatul Azlin UKM
    P 47519

  5. Ya..i feel what i gain in during in lecture and tutorial is limited.Impossible for us to get everything by just follow lecture.That why in degree level we need to do thesis in order to push us read more,doing more researches.My life in UKM is enjoyable.Beside doing plenty of work,i still can have movie,shopping,trip,jogging,BBQ...with all my undergraduate peers.I know the moment i grat,i shall be a teacher.My goal seem very clear.But sometimes i still keep on thinking what kind of life i would have after i grat.Where am i being posting?What challenges is coming soon?But for me,that all i can handle because the moment i choose education course,i tell myself be ready to serve.Jobless? I rarely hear FPEND students encounter with such problem.The graduates in nowadays would faced more competition in getting a job because of the increases number of graduates.So, be ready with all the skills while studying at university.

  6. yean may lyn (A119368)August 14, 2009 at 9:47 AM

    Good evening, prof. Probably one of the most said view about what colours the lives of undergraduates is having faith to do the most to enjoy their time in the university. We may take this for granted sometimes, but for the greater part of it, some of us know that our role as undergraduates is timed. At times, we have the motivation to keep "fighting" with whatever distractions that whispers in our ears and keep us away from our studies and at times, we don't.Yes, the whole journey as undergraduates can be made up of chapters which are monotonous sometimes but there are certain happenings that will somehow jolt our thinking and keep us alive and un"zombie-like". I know this because i feel exactly like this sometimes. But to be honest, the time for recreational needs do exist in our lives and we achieve it mostly through interaction with friends, making plans and actually enjoying what we've planned. If we have the motivation, then of course the issues in the world will be attended to. And that includes the views on the society, job prospects etc.

  7. Wong Yet Hung A120418August 16, 2009 at 2:17 AM

    Prof, frankly speaking this is the 1st time I hear the word “weltanschauung”. In my point of view, one’s world view can be measured through his or her idea, notion, thought, concept or conception. The measurement here is not quantitative and there is no right or wrong. Different people have different weltanschauung. We can share our world view with our friends, colleagues, families and even our enemies. By sharing, we can know others weltanschauung and thus can apprehend their thoughts. Some undergraduates will think how to prepare themselves for coming examinations, how to accomplish assignments for the present. All passed can be forgotten and future is still out of control. There is also group of undergraduates that understand well learning during campus life can lead them a brighter future. In order to avoid ivory tower, problem based learning should be introduced. Undergraduates should be given certain circumstances that require them to think, to apply what they have learnt and then to solve the problem. What color undergraduates’ thoughts nowadays? Assignments, tutorials, movie, shopping, playing online games and etc. It is really hard for undergraduates to keep themselves in room and studying day and night and this including me of course. I cannot withstand when my friends ask me out for shopping or movie. But sometimes there is dilemma whether I want to finish up my tutorial or just going out with my friends with no hesitation at all. Also sometimes the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Aw~~ Not everyone doing reflection all the time. Only those that really concern about their future will do. Nonetheless, reflection without improvement is helpless. Only reflection that leads a better achievement can be considered as reflection. Jobless or unemployed is a common situation nowadays. For those that really concern on this matter will work harder and gain the second or third scroll since having degrees level is common. Dreams can be achieved when you work harder and harder… Where there is a will there is a way.

  8. Wooo... This is my first time hear the word "weltanschauung"! In my opinion, diff ppl hv diff point of view, diff perspective to thier life. Some ppl may want to hv successful life, earn lots of money so they hv to struggle in their Uni life. Some may think that they just wnt to be a simple man, working and living as usual and simple as possible.... Nothing is right or wrong! For me as long as we are happy with it and we get what we want then it's ok. Honestly, i think i more enjoy during my secondary school life. As we get elder and elder, i start thinking abt my future, sometime i even hope my time can stop in my secondary school. i am clear that teacher is my future profession... But i dont really want to be the usual teacher as in the school... teaching, teaching... and teaching. If can, i hope i can bring something different to my students. For me, study is the most important in my life. So i always put more attention in completing my assignment, tutoria and exam. but i also join some activities because from my experience, i really learn a lot of new things in different activities. I think university is the good place for us to gain as much knowledge as possible because we have lots of chances to learn diff things... thanks for giving me the opportunity in UKM.

  9. prof, actually life in campus is very interesting..but it is quite difficult compared to life in school. when i was in secondary school, i enjoyed myself with my friends..everyday i laugh and laughing with my friend...seems like nothing to worry about..just go to school, meet my friends, make jokes,laughing, finished homework and then go back home...but nowadays, life must be more serious...i have to think about my future, try to get good result, must be more independent etc... but i still have time go outing with my friends, watching movies, shopping, join the activities...i feel so lucky live in UKM bacause i have no transport pb to go out especially to KL..we have bus that take us from college and the KTM station is very near..so that i can go out anytime i want..sometimes i went out with my friends from morning until night and make sure come back before the "pak guard" ask for the matrix card..:) actually, i enjoy myself here..although it is difficult, but i believe undergraduate students still have time to enjoy...^_^ ~~suraya ismail~~

  10. prof, actually life in campus is very interesting..but it is quite difficult compared to life in school. when i was in secondary school, i enjoyed myself with my friends..everyday i laugh and laughing with my friend...seems like nothing to worry about..just go to school, meet my friends, make jokes,laughing, finished homework and then go back home...but nowadays, life must be more serious...i have to think about my future, try to get good result, must be more independent etc... but i still have time go outing with my friends, watching movies, shopping, join the activities...i feel so lucky live in UKM bacause i have no transport pb to go out especially to KL..we have bus that take us from college and the KTM station is very near..so that i can go out anytime i want..sometimes i went out with my friends from morning until night and make sure come back before the "pak guard" ask for the matrix card..:) actually, i enjoy myself here..although it is difficult, but i believe undergraduate students still have time to enjoy...^_^ ~~suraya ismail~~

  11. First of all..Alhamdulillah..A big relief for me as i am now an undergraduate & perhaps can be graduate right after finish my 1st degree..Indeed,I will not face the burden of having to carry heavy bags & wearing uniform as i've left my school life..(yabedabeduu..suka la sgt..hehe)Nowadays,Primary pupils can now leave their books in the safety of their classrooms..Their classrooms are to be equipped with lockers & desks which have drawers that can be locked..Indifferent with my past time school..I hate damn much when homeworks given by some teachers abundantly till i've no time to revise my previous lesson and making my colourful mind mapping & also short notes..(bukan malas ye..)In fact my heart pounding fastest whenever teachers asking me in class as he/she noticed me busy talking with peer & i just showed my puzzled face to him/her..(what an annoyed pupil huh..)I really afraid of being punished by the teachers..but for special reasons i do love going to school..(pulak dah..)..Daily life for undergraduates revolves around lectures, tutorials and eating in our beautiful hall together..I used to manage everything likewise class schedule and activities on my own..The College will be the hub of my social life and my work life too..Yet,I've clearer view of my future when I entering UKM..Now & then I've to take care of everything..I realise my great responsibility to religion,family & nation..I would give people more than they expect & do it cheerfully..As I grow older, I always prepare to live a good & honorable life then when I think back, I'll get to enjoy it a second time..I wonder where have the bumi male students gone to?? Are they not interested in education? It's a shame that only 35% of Malay students at universities are male..If this trend continued, the women might end up being the breadwinners in the household..This gap at university level was alarming..Therefore, it's necessary for the government to study the reasons for this gender gap..

  12. rosyafinaz mohamatAugust 16, 2009 at 8:40 AM

    salam...(^_^)...owh...i never heard about weltanschauung before...different people will have different opinion about their undergraduate life...maybe some of them dont know how to make their undergraduate life enjoyable and fun...the important thing is we must know how to manage our time..we have to appeciate our teenagers life...yeah...of course we need to struggle for our exam...but as human being,we also need time to relax and to enjoy our social life...for me,i still can spend some time go out with undergraduate peers...undergraduate life give me a lot of lesson,knowledge and unforgettable experience...actually,undergraduate life is very important which can lead us to the brighter future...tutorials and group assignment can teach us how to communicate and make a nice teamwork...this is very important because after we grad,we need to compete to find a job...good luck to all my friends...~~rosyafinaz mohamat~~

  13. For me being a student is fun.i have learned so much in ukm.I learned about who i was and gained a vision for what i want to do with the rest of my life.I discovered my life purpose by trying lots of new things that seemed scary at first but these are the thing we take out of university.
    Same with lee keong,my life in ukm is enjoyable too.eventhough busy with assignment and study,i still have time hanging out with my friends go to cinema hehe:),shopping,jogging and swimming with mahiran to keep healthy hehe..
    life is a roller coaster,so we will have to enjoy every scary turn and learn from its up,downs,left and right (^_^)

  14. Chung Kyun Vun (A118436)

    To me, university campus life is enjoy and at the same time a time of suffering.

    First, we can learn many new things that are not in the text book context. We learn about socializing; which is totally different from the secondary school life. And finally is the knowledge of the text book and help us to research more about the 'day's lesson'.

    However, we, also suffer, might be financially. We might have culture shock at first. Then, we also have to get use to the method of learning in university.

    However, I believe all the suffering that we go through now will helps us to mold and grow us i a better, and more mature thinking.

    Plus, I believe in stress reliever. I love going to movies, and shopping, and sports which helps me to release stress of the assignments and due dates in unoversity

  15. Waaa weltanschauung of undergraduates???? ...This topic really open my mind since i am also one of undergraduate student.Thanks Prof …I think we can probe someone thought if we really care about them. .we concern and caring about what they need.. We can notice their behavior changes and what they think.. Its look like mum and child relationship..a good mum know what the best for their own child..(=_=)…..
    Then life in campus, I think it is a big chance for me to explore the new things..other than enjoy study and learn , I also happy to know about my friends culture, religion and language..if got time, I hanging out with my friends for movie, shopping or something else can make us enjoy..then some more outdoor activities such as jogging, swimming, playing volleyball and many more..so just happy and enjoy life in university . Don’t be stressful.. Most importantly, we have to know how to balance our study and the entertainment activities….=D

  16. salam..

    first time i'm go to college, i was so excited.. feeling that i can go anywhere without permission from my parent. i can spent all my time especially weekend to go to the mall then have a good time there.. after 1 year i've been on matriculation, i notice that ive waste my time and money.. juz becouse i always outing and watching movies. now, after i study at UKm, i tried to make sure that i can control my bad habbits. so i did'nt go to mall without any reason. i love to spend my time at college, rest in my room & have a good time with my frend like jogg at the evening/ morning. thats more enjoying than watching movie.. sometimes, i as student,think that i need to spend my money for my future needs..

  17. assalamualaikum prof....
    every one have their own opinion about student life especially in campus...its quite diffrnt if we compare to stdnt life in school because they still under parents view..in campus...we are depend to our own self..but it doesn't mean that we can not enjoy our teenagers life..like my friend always said "study biar lepak..result biar gempak"..hehe that's all ~ NOOR HAZWANI OTHMAN (A117914)

  18. For me,university is a place for us to upgrade our self.Not only in our studies but also other skills like socializing and leadership.I don't want my university life only focus on my study,i want myself to be exposed to other good things that can make me a better person, so i join activities that can help me to improve myself. I think i really learn somethings, especially in meetings, we can see different people have their own points of view. The most enjoining moment is chat with my friends in their rooms and this is the way for me to release my stress also(this is something that don't need to spend money)haha!!! I know it is impossible for me to invite my colleague to go out for karaoke in the future,so i'll experience it now by going with my uni friends:-) Of course i'll also make sure that i also pay attention in my studies.It is very common now that graduate=jobless,so many seniors around me doing masters study.I think not many will do reflection,not because of not enough time but is because they do not think of doing reflections.(A119403)

  19. weltanschauung of undergraduates???? Well this is the first time i heard the word...First to probe in one's thought we must know him/her..be friend with them.. talk to them and ask their opinion about something or anything that come out..From here i think we can see how they respond to it...either they like it or not and so on..Life in university..I'm feel lucky and grateful because finally i manage to get a place in UKM. Actually for me it doesn't matter UKM or what but as long as it is public university (well known). May be i have different story here..i manage to enter ukm coz of my diploma at private uni...when i was in secondary school i never thought about my future i just think about exam (spm) and i try to get good result so that i will be accepted in any hinger educational institution..that's it. I never thought what i want to be..what course i will take, in simple word i just go through where my destiny brings me..never plan..and bother about time..but one thing in my mind is i want to get a job after completed my diploma...i'm not as lucky as u r out there n here..because i have to take a long route..to reach here..now i think about time a lot..I learn hard when i was in private uni..but i still enjoy my time there..well of course study at diploma level is not as difficult as first deg..but what i want to say here is...now i think n make comparison with one of my friend..Academically i'm better than her..but after dip. she manage to get a good job..although she always miss class, assignment x siap..n siap kena panggil lagi kat lecturer..simple word (kalau tercampak kat mana pun dia boleh survive)...I study to get good result and hope to be employed...in the end i have nothing...and i alway think apa benda la yang aku belajar dulu...Now of couse i can't be like that anymore sebab nanti nak ajar apa la..anak orang..That is a big and very important responsibility. Scary too..Posting??? No matter of what. Life must go on and i enjoy my life here.good luck to all..

  20. Munirah Mohd NajibAugust 17, 2009 at 6:26 AM


    Lots of questions in my mind...and till now..unanswered...

    1.Why do I affraid of exams? (everytime when the exam is around the corner,I will study more..I'm worry if I can't do well in exams)

    2.Do I study just because there is an exam? not because of my own desire to learn? (if there is no exam,I will not study..)

    3.Do everything that I learn here will be applied in my life? (because sometimes I feel I don't know what is the purpose I learn certain subject..what is the application,do they important for me to know them..)

    4.Does my result represents exactly what I've performed along the semester? (because I've had an experience...I got 'GOOD' result but at the same time,I don't know what I've learn.. and I got 'NOT SO GOOD' result,but I really enjoy what I've learn..Weird right?)

    There are some other unanswered questions..but those questions are the famous one..that I think all undergraduates feel the same..

  21. salam prof..i agree with a few friens here..this is the first time i heard a word of 'weltanschuung'.At that moment i do not understand what it is..After i reread again then i got the point what actually do you mean..Well, graduates and me alo nowadays scared if we're unemployed after graduate..Life as student of undergraduate is not easy and a lot of thing we will do and the timetable totally full of assignment and tutorial..however we have to manage ourselves correctly..student always scared of exam and the rsult what will they get..They thought if they get a good result they will get a job and will be employed.Furthemore, they also think how to pay back the loan after getting a job.so,they will study hard and work hard to get the best result..actually as student, the most important are result and get employed after graduates..and nowadays many student manage to continue study to more higher level for their future..

  22. weltanschuung??urmmm,sounds good..4 the 1st i heard this word.Firstly,i thought it was chinese name..hahhahaha.Ok,back 2 the topic.well,In my opinion..time passed and many changes in the world occur.Same as education system..its also changes from time 2 time..rite?Due to this,undergraduate nowadays are too much in oriented exam mode.We now dont hve enough time to enjoy,to watch movie everyweek..But,this is not means dat we do not njoy our stdents life in campus.We r njoy wif a lot of friends,gossiping n anything,heeee.The final reslt r dpnd much on final exam..thats y ,they focused on studies i think.If we chnge the education system in u.most of stdents will njoy life in u happily.How about the result of exam does not rely vry much on final exm.I means,80 % of the course dpnd on presentation n practical n the others 20% on final exam..its interesting,rite?Besides that,we also can improve our communication by do a alot of presentation.Thats all,tq
    Nor suzaini CM a119139

  23. When i take my first degree, I just want to proof to everyone that i can make it. Actually that time, also don't have any ambition. The purpose for studying just because I want to enter the University. I want my parents proud of me because non of my sibling enter the university.That time, UM is famous and computer science was famous on that time. That were the reasons to choose the university and course. So when studied the first degree, also blur about the future. Never plan for the future.After working, only start to think about the life, then change the career. Right now study just because the self interest and also hope that can learn something and apply in my kindergarten. So right now, feel happy when got classes. Even though sometime very tire to do the assignment. But still feel happy because this is my choice. No forcing by community "expectation"

  24. MUNIROH BINTI MUSTAFFAAugust 18, 2009 at 12:25 PM

    'weltanschuung'.yeah this is the first time i heard a word of 'weltanschuung'...same like a few of my friends..for me...Life as student of undergraduate really unexpected...we alwayz get unexpected result..we plan and do everything properly to be the best among the best but when we get the result....(so sad!!!!!)

    I`m also agree with Munirah Mohd Najib that
    Lots of questions in our mind...and till now..unanswered...all those the question i`m still ask myself till now and i think as long as i have a title as a "student" the question still in my mind....

    Honestly i`m really miss my secondary and dploma "world"....i more enjoy during this time but i`m still get a good result and the same time i`m really enjoy my life..maybe at this time i`m not worried too much about my future because i`m still young(hahahhahha)

    As we get elder and elder, i start thinking abt my future and busy to plan my life...(so worried...)but...

  25. Assalamualaikum..well, 1st time i heard this word it sound like a chinese word.hehee where did this word came from?
    whatever it is, i really enjoy my life as undergraduate student.a lot of experience i got from bad and sweet.. hanging out with friends,..struggling for final exam.. (always happened when last minute study!huhuu) but it such a great experience where only university students can feel. i dont need to think about how to find money.because i still can get the money from my parent..=)
    it doesnt mean that i dont have any plan for my future (after graduate!)..as we can see now it is hard to find a job even as a teacher. because most of the graduate students will apply to be a teacher after they dont get any suitable job by the course that they had taken in university.seems like this profession is just like an alternative way to get a job for the jobless graduate.
    what about us who are really from the education course?i'm afraid at the time we graduate there are already a lot of teacher out there..and we had to wait for a few years to get posting..( i hope not!i dont have to think about it right now!)
    right now i still an undergraduate student, so i should enjoy every single moment of my life in the campus.bitter or sweet! peacee... (~_~)


  26. weltanschuung??? this is the first time i heard.i think my undergraduate life enjoyable and fun.ihave a lot of time with my friends.
    i have time go outing with my friends, watching movies, shopping. But... i must know how to manage my time. Do xciment first, before go outing with my friends!(important).. in the undergraduate life i learn to be more independent..
    i must stdy hard..... i have to struggle to get xcelent result... sometimes i fell sad, i stdy hard, but..went i get my result its bad.. what should i do??? I hope went i finish, i'm get posting and be a good teacher...
    azzira shahida (A121466)

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  28. salamz prof...i think i got blank when i read the word "weltanschuung". at the same time i felt like i don't read much book to gain more new word.hehehe..but when i read carefully i understand the meaning of the word..
    anyway back to the topic. when we are talking about the undergraduate life, lot's of story that we can share...
    actually we always compare the time when we are in secondary school..why? because we're still young nothing to worry about.. we go to school, learn, do xtivities and just have fun.. what a wonderful world.
    but when we are in undergraduates, life is different, we are getting older, lots to think like future, work, family, gain money and etc.. but it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy our life during undergraduates...
    for me, u need to feel a little bit enjoy in your life during your undergraduates.. because it is your own experience..no one can give it.
    yeah...i know during undergraduates, we have lots of work to do.. so, we need serious during study. but not take it seriously until u dont have time having some fun..(just to release tension)
    nothing much i can say about undergarduates life...becoz it depends on the person to feel the world is great or not...for me i still have time to enjoy with my friends and doing something that we like.
    hope i will be good teacher n one day i can share my story with my students during my undegarduates life.....hoh (A 121398)

  29. Assalamualaikum, Prof.First of all this is the 1st time i heard the word 'weltanschauung'.Thank you for introduce ne with this meaningful word.Okay,this is my opinion.Different peoples,different views,thoughts and perspectives all that depend on his/her experiences,from what he/her learn or taught and maybe his/her knowledge.We can't measure it whether it is right or wrong,make sense or not and logic or not logic.Well,the thoughts of university students or leaners are not complicated as you think.But sometimes they themselves that make their thoughts complicated.Of course as a student we will think about our future otherwise why we burden ourselves to study so hard and go through a lot of works taht sometimes makes us tension.Everyone have their own mission and vision of what would they be in the future.What happen now is a reality that we have to face and make the past as a guide to be a better person in the future.We do think about a lot of things.Not only about studies.We think about what to eat,what to wear,where to go,what to do and the most important is about ourself juast like other normal people.Well,learning at the ivory tower a.k.a university is such an opportunity for us to gain more knowledge,learn to know about ourself,how to improve ourself and many more.Every phase of life had their own hard time and easy time.That's why it is called 'life'.Undergraduate nowadays have so much convinience to be compare with undergraduate long long time ago.S much facilities from amny aspects.Up to them to choose which one to use.Life as an university undergraduates is full of excitement,so much experiences,so much things to do.So..do enjoy it and have fun.

  30. Mus_KiMia (A120389)

    Assalamualaikum Prof..=)
    Life in university is a very precious moment that i never forget. My senior always remind me "jadikan menimba pengalaman sebagai no.1 tetapi jangan letakkan study sebgai no.2. fikir2ka.."
    This statement make me try to enjoy in university but, one thing i want to others to know..,,"enjoy" doesnt mean flirting during weekend, or watch movie.. but i enjoy the programmes that my association make for me such as camping, program khidmat masyarakat and so on. university is my "trainer" to build soft skills. so, knowledge+soft skills= excellent and marketable student=)

  31. salam prof..

    from my point of view life as an undergraduate students is much different from other life before..

    as for me, we have so much freedom here and lack of guidamnce.i m not stating that our parents just let us off but can u tell me how many of us that will report each and every single thing we do in university right??

    go for "lepaking" at mamak stall till 2 0r 3 in the morning..
    go spending our scholarship or ptptn for clothes, motorcycle accessories n others??

    here come the word "responsibility"
    when we hold this word in our life insyaAllah nothing gonna changed our principle and will always guide us to a great path..

    talking bout our aim in university...
    i m sure each and every one of us want to be a great student but here we can differentiate how do people raect to their environment and what do they get by the end of the semester..
    what you give..for sure you gonna get it back..

    students real life??
    entertainment is always the priority..
    but you cant blame us..
    coz..20 years back the situation is totally diff..
    now we cam just enjoy a movie that just cost us rm 6 0r rm 10 the highest..
    can go for 3 hours karaoke and just spending rm10 together with the soft drinks..

    the choice is in our hands..
    just bear in mind we are not here in ukm just to have fun..

    frankly, mohd khalis khalid (A117818)

  32. Salam Prof,

    In my opinion, beside studies, most students do care about economy, politics, and other territory, and some of us even heavily involved in it since these matters give significant effects to our future (such as job employment). But we should ware enough that studies is our most important priority and make sure these matters don't give any harm to it.

    Though society sees student as already-matured-young adult, in pursuing their dreams, students need supports, advices and examples to follow. Hereby, I think society, especially adults (parent,lecturer etc) as their idol that guides them.

    Like "All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy". Normal human needs recreation as refreshment for their system to work well. Even in tight schedule, we students have the unique ability to mingle with freinds (chatting,movies,shopping etc) as our stress release routine.


  33. Salam prof, :-)
    In my opinion, campus life have taught us to be a more matured because we stay far away from our parents. As a child, we also have our responsibility for our parents and our future. Life in university also guide us to study smart so that we can archieve our goals. Condition in school also quite different than condition in university. As in school, we depends on our teachers in learning process but in university, nearly overall of our learning depends on ourselves. This situation taught us to be more responsible in our learning and more matured in any situations.
    Last but not least, thanks prof, because you have opened our mind about this issue.=)
    “WELTANSCHUUNG”….i'd never heard this word. But it’s sound is nice.hehe
    On the other hand, campus life is also a time for us to enjoy. But, we also must to remember our responsibility for our parent, our future and our nation because our future almost depends on our discipline and our attitudes.
    That’s all about my opinion…thank you prof..wassalam

  34. HARYANI ZULKIFLI (A117465)

    salam prof..i think, campus life totally different from school life. campus life more interesting, enjoyable, and so on. In this campus life, we can do whatever we want to do. we can hanging up with friends anywhere and anytime. back then, when i was in school, i always wondering, what campus life look like. i cannot wait to be part of campus students. Now, i'm here, at UKM and already be part of campus students and now i realize, campus life a little bit different from what i've heard before. here, we have to encounter with so many people with so many attitude that require us to prepare ourselves. besides, we also have to be more independent in campus. we have to manage everything on our own. it's totally different with school life where everything was perepared for us. but overall, even though school life and campus life are different but i'm appreciate both.

  35. my wolrd as a undergraduate student brings me a new in my life....where i involved into the activities that i like which is not really relate to my course,education, such as i'm active in theater performance and charity events...during this period, i learned a lot of thing that i might use in my profession in the future....
    (zaida - A120158)

  36. Nurul Hafizah Abdullah (A117753)

    salam prof,
    for the first time i know that i can further study at ukm i was very excited. but my mother and my farther are most happy than me. life in university is more different compared to secondary school and matrix. its all depends on us. what we want to do, who is our friends, when we want to study etc. for the first thing that i think before i entered ukm, i determined to learned the meaning of real life. what is the true life?
    one thing that i wants to share with my friends. now, i was in palapes training. i can learn how to built soft skills and get new experiences that can't buy at shop. although, i have training every week, i still have time with my friends. we go to shopping, jogging, the purpose we entered university is not fully to study, but we can learn new thing in our life. What do they think of the future? Of the present or the past? Do they ever allocate time to think about life in general and career specifically. What exactly do they think about everyday ,every minute, every hour every week or every second?
    actually different people, different they think. so, there are many answered. i grateful to god because i have opportunity to entered ukm.

  37. suriya bt mobin (A117193)

    Salam Prof,Campus life compare to school days?whoa..that's a lot of different meaning to me.For me,each of it have significant meaning on how we live our lives in that two period of time.In school, we don't have to walk fast,learn fast,study fast to cope with our friends or classmates and cope with lecture's preach.We just listen to our beloved teacher and when there;s a question,the teachers will explain further more.At campus,everything must be done himself/herself alone.We learn to be independent,to be respectful to others, to cooperate at least in group discussion with our fellow.Find our resources elsewhere even there is lecture's note and p.point.Lecture do not ask us,we asks them..for me, the lifestyle in campus whether in 1980's,1990's or 2000 above,are all the same.it just the different zone of time.And to be frank,life at campus really makes me realises what life is all about.Knowing friends and foe,hardship,organization, loyalty,honesty and feeling of pride on entering university and become an undergraduate.I'm really fond of it because it was a big accomplishment for me who come from form six background.