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Friday, July 10, 2009


I would congratulate the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato Seri Najib for his clarion call to Malaysians to support and uphold Malaysia One and make it a dream come true. Our leaders since independence has since through nation building efforts tried to establish a united Malaysia.But as is normal in any development one has therefore to develop new motivational drives once the previous motivations are achieved and thus subside and plateau. Thus this clarion call is addressed to all Malaysians to sensitize their hearts and souls to the new slogan on what it means to be a Malaysian. I attended Najib's address at Sri Satria a week ago and fully understand what the Prime Minister wants us to always remember. The Prime Minister talked about "Rakyat didahulukan" ( The citizens of Malaysia comes first) This would imply recognizing the needs of Malaysians and to prioritize on their well beings. Najib also remarked on the concepts of acceptance which underlies Malaysia One which he said is greater and deeper than mere tolerance. Acceptance is one of man's dominant needs ; it reflects the feelings of belonging and togetherness. Each of us wants to be accepted whether at home, in school, at work , in the association and amongst peers. If one is rejected for some reasons one would feel helpless and unimportant and stressful. Najib also reflects on the noble values which has been introduced along with our Philosophy of Education, Vision 2020 and PIPP. He remarked that Malaysia One still uphold the Malaysian constitution . Flexibility and growth are recognized in Malaysia One implying that M1 is not absolute and can still be modified as time passes by and where the need arises. Well how does one ensure this clarion call is a reality ? Malaysians has to reflect on what they have , the blessings to be counted living in Malaysia and the pride one has for being Malaysian. We thus cannot take for granted for the blessings we get from Malaysia. Where other nations have to live day by day fearing war attacks and natural catastrophies we are relatively living in peaceful comfort with the minimum of racial friction. We should also be on guard constantly as not to antognise and hurt others by what we say and should respect both racial and religious sensitivities. Is it thus difficult to feel being Malaysians upholding M!? The answers lie in ourselves. The younger generation looks to us for guidance and we should model gratitude to our youngsters because they are the future leaders of tomorrow. In their hands lie the destiny of Malaysia in years ahead and in their hands lie the fate of our children and grandchildren. Rome was not built in a day ; so is Malaysia of course. But an empire can be crumbled within a short time if we are not conscious of the thoughts we have and the extremities we can go which are detrimental to our nation.Thus let us join hands by seeing what binds us together and NOT by what segregate us apart. If Malaysians are sincere and earnest about a peaceful harmonious united Malaysia we will travel the path that leads us and attract us to such destination. In year 2020 we hope the socio political climate in Malaysia gives confidence not only to our people but to the world .


  1. Hamzah bin Abu HassanJuly 10, 2009 at 11:11 PM

    1Malaysia concept should be explained fully and clearly for all to understand and embrace it. The cake is made bigger for all, everybody, every Malaysian to enjoy and reap the benefits. It is not taking away anything from anybody or any community to be given away to another community. It is about sharing together the wealth and rich resources of the nation regardless of race, religion, believe and political affliation. It is not about the abolishment of DEB/NEP or taking away the special rights of the Pribumi. It is about giving chances to everybody who deserves and needs it.

  2. First of all, I would like to say ongratulations to Malaysia that has proclaimed the jargon " Malaysia One". Based on my experienced, as an Indonesian, The Malayasia One really describes what is true about Malaysia. I feel accepted here, I feel comfortable living in Malaysia. Thus, it's true what Prof Rohaty wrote in this blog "each of us wants to be accepted whether at home, in school, at work , in the association and among peers." Those are what people want in this life. Last but not least, I hope Malaysia will spread the spirit of living in harmony in Asia and in the world. SYABAS.

  3. Hi, as the malaysian. I would like to welcome the concept. I really hope that all of us - Malaysian can live in this harmony and peaceful land. We have to really appreaciate what we have right now.I love this country.

  4. I accept concept "Malaysia One"..This concept is relevant since we all stay togather in Malaysia.So,we all are Malaysian. We should be proud of our country and introduce ourselves as malaysian to foreign people.