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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Parents can help children develop a sense of science at home.After all the home or house can be a science laboratory too.Why not? The atmosphere is more informal and cosy and human interactions are likely to be warmer right? So we can educate our little minds to become young scientists. Like in my house we have Sofea Marissa, Sulaiman, Bashira, Maryam ,and last but not least Imran who is just after one year old. Children have open minds are just very curious and very happy to know more about something.So why not try a few experiments to teach concepts in Science even before they go the Elementary School. Said Chapman ""Are you bonkers about Biology,crazy about chemistry or mad about meteorology?A fanatical physicist or avid astronomer?These experiments can answer the famous W Questions such as Why?What?When?What will happen What if?. Lets say the kids want to be chemists .Ok we will have the Make the Starch exsperiment. I visited Petronas Petroscience and bought some Polmer Growing Toys. Wow we watched them grow as well diminish in size in plain and salty water. Shall we as the young girls to bake Gingerbreadman cookies?Thus there are many wonderful experiments to delight the young minds. Be be careful make sure they are conducted under mom's or dad's supervision. Happy Experimenting and Let me Know the Results


  1. Prof, you have highlighted a point that most people have overlooked. Science (and even Math)can be learnt at home too and not only in schools. Since almost everyone is crazy over cupcakes now, a simple cupcake baking class in the kitchen can teach a child math (weighing & measuring the ingredients) and science (what happens when the cupcakes are baked in the oven). And decorating the cupcakes colorfully certainly tops the fun!
    Anyway, drop in at Kinokuniya the next time you are at KLCC. They're selling small submarines which can be filled with baking powder and the submarines can really move when put in water!

  2. the idea of creating a young scientist at home sounds interesting...i remembered those days when i was young, i used to play with my cousins, and there was a day that we tried to fill up a basin with water and we managed to finish the task after exhausting orselves to the dying breath...it was so fun, but that happened when we was small..children nowadays are creative, and they are a lot of merchandises out there that will help them in learning science...all it left to do is the parents' roles themselves, to equip their children with these apparatus, so that they will grow up as a good scientist...-a118958