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Monday, June 15, 2009


I would ask you to reflect now on how your teachers have taught you whether in primary , secondary or at the university.Do you remember vividly the qualities of your teacher. You may have a mix of excellent, good or poor ones or you may have all good ones. I hope all or most of your teachers are good ones . Unfortunately one seems to remember the bad ones the ones that ring a big chime in your memory bell. I have several good teachers who helped make me what i am today. One was this female teacher who was Mrs XCD who knew how to reward how our efforts and success. She would lineup the row of dolls on my table and if we obtained the numbers of 1- till 10 in class we get to choose any of the lovely dolls . I forgot what was the rewards for boys(forgive me!) Then i had this teacher who was alert to the many differences between us in class. She would give personal individual attention and did not count too much of her time.She was Mrs YCK. MR ABM was a patient man quite old and he waited for us to patiently enter the class after recess(perhaps the students were very naughty and refused to be punctual) . I have a male teacher who advised students who fell in love stating that well they were still young and growing and that there was time for loving later on. The exciting thing is i remembered many teachers who made me happy and cheerful by their mannerisms. One was this lady teacher MISS NNM who put a red hibiscus on her hair and keep the boys looking. Another was this Head Assistant who was always busy in meetings and told us to do the tasks on page this to page that. My mathematics teacher had a long ruler every time he entered class and would hit us soflty on the head if we were stubborn. My History teacher loved the textbook and asked each of us to read page by page according to turns and to underline the main points. My Science teacher MR CVN was good looking but unfortunately favored some of us to others. I remembered his favorite whom he paid attention too most of the time. Then i had my English Literature teacher MR LMN who asked to learn by drawing.We drew Tun TEJA in our excercise books much to the amusement of the boys. So there was a continuum of teachers who left footprints in the sands of time shall we say. I have also a teacher who loves teaching and would come early to class but left the class late.I used to win debates and speech competition and this one teacher MR HGK supported me through and through till the day of contest.I had this disciplinarian who would asked us to stand on the chair or went out of the classroom. I remembered how we were asked to write hundreds of lines expressing" I will not forget to do my homework" or " I will not forget to bring my books to school" I wish i can meet all my teachers but i know some may not be around anymore. Great teachers have good interpersonal touches and made an impact on your perception and attitude to studying. At the varsity i was so taken up by the aura of some lecturers . There were the smartly dressed and pleasant faces as well as being smart upstairs. We looked up to them and at times feared them. My Form teachers were mostly good organizers and gave good guidance to the learners. They monitored the class and assessed the learning climate consistently.One or two of my classmates fell in love with the teachers . As an example student BKM fell in love or was infatuated with MRS SHK even though she was pregnant.Amusing?It showed that teenagers can be so vulnerable. Well then where do excellent teachers come from? Definitely we consider both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The famous misleading statement "If you dont know how to do anything teach" is so humiliating indeed.Teaching is both a Science and an Art. Thus teachers need proper effective training to get the Science of it and their natural inclination and apttitude to create the Art of it. Teaching excellence comes from the wisdom of experience as there actually is no short cut to acquire wisdom. Thus training period must justifiably be adequate to warrant the correct impact. Too short a training time is like a train speeding and one has no time to look at the ambience around in the environment. Too slow and dragging may make one lose the motivation.I would rather focus on the quality of the training as now there is so much demand for creative teaching. Teachers in their career go through several phases as Lilian Katz stressed. After the honeymoon period theres reality to accept. Then as the years go by motivation seeps and one get demotivated. To avoid a burn out do effective reflection and develop new motivations. Those who are about to end their career do not forget to leave a legacy that is to share your precious experiences with the novice.Teachers can make or break the students . As one psychologist states the teacher communicates her hopes or despairs to their students. Yes we remember our teachers to our dying day for sure. I wish all teachers a happy fruitful and meaningful career wherever they may be .


  1. I'd like to share a sms message that I received on Teacher's Day - A teacher's achievements is not how many 'As' or 'Bs' she produces but how many lives she changes and how many hearts she touches. I think this is so true. Many of our teachers are too concerned with producing 'As' that they have neglected the art of teaching. To me, one of the most important qualities a teacher must possess is the ability to inspire a child to excell. Wong Fook Fei (PTK5 - Kumpulan 13]

  2. Rozli Zulkifli (PTK 5)June 24, 2009 at 2:31 AM

    I have an experience in boarding school which I will never forget to this day. Our principal who is also teaching civic subject in our class will talk about will power and goal setting over and over again. Every time when there’s a school activity, he will find a slot to lecture us on how to excel and gets gred one in our SPM exams that we are going to sit for that year. His goal is for our school to obtain 100% grade one. Our school manage to get 100% pass rate and 98% grade one for that year, and becomes among the top in that state. But these two words have been embedded in our minds forever. There are “will power and goal setting”. Thank you “Sir” for your never ending effort to push us to reach out limit. Rozli Zulkifli (PTK5).

  3. Its a story when i'm in form four in sub urban area in Selangor. Many teachers was very favoured treating the pupil. Especially the poor and untidy girl (like me).I think it was also not their fault. Fortunately, we got an english teacher (Ms Q) that very passionate, care and loving. Everybody in the class loved her and looked her as our model. The sad thing was when we knew that Ms Q is only temporarily teaching us and will further her study. Ms.Q is very special. Unlike other teachers, she will reward our effort and success although its just a very small improvement. We will get a present like a mug, a pen/pencil and other stationary if we passed the test, for being kind and sincere, 100% attending her class etc. It mean a lot to me and the others. Now i met Ms.Q again. But here in the University. And Im not surprised that now she is a lecturer (Dr. Manisah Mohd. Ali). Im sure that she is among the best lecturer ever. Passionate, understanding and care. Thank You Teacher!

  4. Salasiah. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I can still remember you and your classmates in SB. I enjoyed teaching all of you. Dr. Manisah (p/s Ms Q? hmm… I didn’t know about this hehe! )

  5. for me, there are 2 types of teacher that I can remember..which are the teacher that can make me smile and the teacher that make me cry or sad....it can be because of thier teaching style,the subject that the teacher taught,and other factors.....being a teacher is a hard work because you will deal this job with many people and you never realise what kind of impact that you have been given to the students...either good or bad...
    (zaida - a120158)

  6. Mrs Tanjung was a deadly strict teacher, and she was so fierce that i couldn't raise up my head when she was angry..even though i was just a 5 years old, my parent gave full responsibilities to her to do whatever she wanted, but still, i love her since she is so nice within..she taught me to learn ABC and 123,and she cares much about his students, and she had never raised up her hands to hurt us, instead of her 'powerful-full-of poison words...i love it when she mumbled around and babbling about being a good person... then, as i went to primary school, there was a teacher called Mr Nara who caught me eating sandwich in the class, and as a penalty, i got to stand on the table for an hour..after the day, i was not dared to go near him ever again... then, moving on to the secondary school, there was a teacher that i liked the most, named Mr Ghazali...he loved to make jokes and very hilarious person, and he treated us as his friends...i always waited for the times that he will come to class and teach us, and we will feel so frustrated if he did not come...another teacher, called Mr SalahFikri is another teacher that i remembers the most...he was able to make us half-dying just by looking at his shadow... he was not strict, but somehow, a sense of respect and inferiority attacked us that time...