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Friday, June 12, 2009


As our society advances into the technological age and knowledge based society we tend to become very academic in our approaches to education . Besides the hero Superman we have superwomen, super parents and we wish to produce the super child. A friend mentioned that we are also producing little academic robots . Do you agree with that?Why not? Nowadays one must obtain as many A's as possible and to achieve that parents send their 6 year old to tuition classes . Parental demands on the kindergartens and nurseries will force the latter to concede to the demands. After all the preschools are dependent on parental patronage. Well there are exceptions of course to mere determination of how much fees to charge. In addition how many subjects are children supposed to swallow?Any how many activities per day ?ranging from tuition to religious class to swimming and martial arts. What happen to children nowadays? Compared to my childhood days the kids nowadays are different. Smarter of course due the technological gadgets around. You can claim that of course measured by environmental stimulations and the responses given to such attractions or distractions. However what do modern kids missed? Well during my childhood days we are one with the natural environment. We love nature and maybe our natural intelligence was greater.(Thanks to Howard Gardner's Natural Intelligence) I remembered running with my friends to the riverbank behind my kampong house after the rain just to jump into the river from the riverbank. I remembered how we went into the muddy pond and picked kangkong(a type of green veetable) from them. I remembered how we got into the paddy fields and we were not scared of lintah getting upon our little feet. Of course there was my grandfather's orchard with all types of fruits and we even climbed the rambutan( Malaysian fruit) and coco trees. Life was wonderfully natural and delightful.Then as we walked suddenly the itek angsa (type of duck)came to attack us and we were not afraid. The games we played were all natural like konda kondi,( type of game) playing marbles, keteng teng(type of game) and pondok pondok( house). The boys collected spiders to put in the match boxes.There was no Thesaurus (toy for us) then. We developed the imaginable train from sand , strings and empty tins. I used to go up the swing from the Ciku Ayah Tree in front of my kampong(village) mansion.We played with mud, sand, water and rain and there was fun and fun everywhere. Life was indeed simple and we were not afraid to go to the shops without our parents to help buy oil, flour or sugar. Life was pretty safe. The air we breathed was fresh and we look forward to hear the early morning rooster (our alarm clock) We learn t by doing and observing .We mixed very well with adults during kampong activities like the kenduri and Hari Raya .So what is the moral of this narrative? Early childhood is so different nowadays. Its much more complicated and demanding.I certainly hope kids nowadays have their share of the natural environment and joy because childhood comes only once.But of course the second childhood comes later in very old age when senility seeps in. As parents try to provide experiences which can be found in the natural environment for the kids instead of roaming around concrete jungles only. In this way life can be interestingly balanced looked from a different perspective.


  1. Azhar Abdul Halim, PTK5-8-12 jun 2009

    Kanak-kanak sekarang hidup dalam tekanan disebabkan kesibukan ibubapa yang bekerja sehingga malam. Kelas tiusyen menjadi jalan keluar kepada ibubapa yang sibuk untuk memenuhi masa lepas sekolah anak2 nya.

  2. Azhar Abdul Halim, PTK5-8-12 jun 2009
    Bagi yang bersekolah agama petang...ditambah lagi kelas malam sebab ibubapa ingin berbangga dengan pencapaian anak masing2. Perkembangan emosi kanak2 tidak dipeduli asalkan "anak saya dapat 30A u"

  3. Akhirnya lahirlah anggota masyarakat yang tidak seimbang emosi dan inteleknya. Maka kedengaranlah "Belajar tinggi tapi macam kera sumbang".

  4. Ainul Syahrilfazli Jaafar
    PTK 5 8-12 june 2009

    i share your observation on early childhood nowadays. i think its a combination of the parents desire for the childrena nd be prepared for the future and the competitive nature within the parents to succeed that of their own parents and their peers. competition is almost second nature to the young parents generation, from an early age they have been encouraged to be the best, get the best results be the best sportsman, grab that scholarship and so on. they then reflect this on their children, hence the supersmart supereverything generation starts to creep up. you have kids as young as two enrolled into specialised kindergarted where they are taught to read and write at that early age. you have five year old sweating it out in EXAMS in the kindergarten,,,kindergarten having exams!!! .....honestly i think that is taking it a bit too far...my esteemed professor once observed that no matter how smart or how accelerated you are in your studies you will honestly gain a few years in terms of advancement in your career compared to the generation before this because in life and work nothing compares to experience and wisodm and that will only come with age... a few years jumps start for the price of your childhood...honestly i feel that it is a price i am not willing to pay. i would like my children to enjoy the joy and beauty of being a child, of making mistakes, being mischieveous, selfdiscovery just as we were not that many years ago.
    another thing i have noticed with the new generation of children is that their level of respect for the elderly has somewhat changed. I think they are unsure or oblivious of the not so fine line of resoect and reasoning. soem of the children behaviours nowadays made me cringe, my dad would have just took the good old feather duster and hello red lines on my butt. perhaps parents nowadays are softer and use the psychological method to raise children or the children are smarter and feel they can get away with almost anything because they are children. modernity, development and wealth may have increased in our community over the last few decade but has it come at a price to our younger generation. are we losing that special innocence and beauty that we as parents cherished so many years ago.

  5. during my childhood, my parents always allow me to do anything i want, and they did not force me into studying as much as today's children. i remember the past days, when i got to follow my late grandfather to go to bendang and helped him to drive his buffaloes back to kandang...there was a time that one of them chased after me just because i was wearing red t-shirt...then we went to catch the ikan keli in the paddy field, and still, my mother was not scolding me for dirtying my shirts with mud and stains.. therefore, i followed my mother's every single word, and i obeyed whatever she wanted me to do.. i played a lot, but still, i got good results.. today's children are much more complicated that i thought. the parents make them to go to extra classes and tuitions after a long day at school...this shows how this world has changed, where the parents put their priorities in providing education and shelters to their children, and neglecting the children sides within them...i felt so sorry for them since they are over surrounded by 'what to do' and 'what to don't', and some of them are pressed to get high marks and excellent grades for the parents sake of satisfaction, to brag and boast around about their achievement to the neighbours and friends....how rapidly this world has changed...a118958