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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The present research i am conducting is exactly this topic that relates to boys underachievement.We have all known that girls in Malaysia excel in all subjects in SPM exam compared to boys and the former has been the winner.This is not just in Malaysia but it is universal occurring all over the world. Scared? Panicky? Indifferent? What feelings do you have right now? Future mothers may feel a bit of fear you know because if they have sons they will have to address this issue.

Boys who later equals MEN traditionally were the bulwark of society or in Malay idiom the ayam tambatan.(someone who you can depend upon) What happen to all the boys? This reminds me of a song . Are you familiar with the song.?Forgive me my long term memory just fails at this point in time. Yes if boys fail miserably in the academic setup they will be shun from the mainstream. The mainstream is where all converge to contest, to fight , to struggle to prove their worth in society.You fail thus you go out of the mainstream to the sideline.

I am not being harsh or pessimistic just being factual. Face it !!This society adores and identifies with academic excellence so do our good neighbors Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. One of the previous Minister of Education stated that he was afraid that entrance to the university in terms of boy-girls ratio would have social implications. University helps adolescents socialized to get their life partners. However this cannot happen if the number of boys is far below the number of girls with the 65% (boys) and 35% girls.

Although this is a social issue but it is urgent to address. Research has shown how boys differ from girls in managing studying. Girls are said to be more dedicated in studying and giving more attention. They are more disciplined and less distracted in their studying.Boys are easily influenced by their peer groups especially if the peer groups are negative or show anti social behaviors. Then there was this question about the psycho motor body kinesthetic characteristics of boys who are always active or agile. Boys need challenges in studying such as doing projects instead of sitting patiently mugging.

The exam system does not seem to favor boys they said. Exams favor the girls as girls tend to like memory work more than boys.Boys love to use their big muscles and swing their arms . Another reason put forward is that some boys prefer to stop schooling and go to work to support their families.As such they do not have long term ambition or that they are able to postpone need gratification till a future date. Then there is the gender stereotyping upbringing of boys and girls. Boys can leave the house and may return home a bit late or late.Thus parents give boys the freedom to go out because they feel they are boys and can possibly take care of their physical self. Parents are so fearful of daughters getting into trouble outside of home so they are more strict

.Thus girls can focus on their studies much better. Another opinion is that boys claim they work smart but not hard and that masculinity means working smart not hard.They claimed they do not want to be called or identified as sissy.Another claimed that the controversy about boy-girl seems to be an attempt to favor boys more , to help them more and evade the girls. Thus educational enhancement should be fairly given regardless of gender.Educational opportunity must be equitable for all boys and girls.

Some universities attempt silently to accept boys into the universities by lowering the entrance requirements.Although this may not be substantiated by research evidence, however these have been observational information. We therefore ask whether such practice is necessary or biased or unethical. Whatever the issues in this discussion about gender underachievement or achievement we cannot sweep issues under the carpet.

In this case in depth interviews to examine the psyche of boys are deemed highly important for such qualitative feedback can spill so many "'beans "out of the cans or open the pandora box or clean cobwebs out of the closet. Interestingly an opinion testifies that boys do not have male role models to identify with. Right after birth till university females are their mentors whereas boys need these role models from male teachers to emulate. In this case the education industry must address this dilema.

Hopefully the Ministry of Education can encourage more males in the teaching industry.Fathers told me boys refuse to listen to female teachers although they do not explicitly testify to that argument.Well i hope this discussion receives the attention of all so that we can take steps to counter the boy-girl dilema


  1. Marina Mat Baki (PTK5)June 23, 2009 at 8:59 PM

    Prof, I agree with you that, to handle and understand boys feeling and attitude are not easy and challenging.
    My son is now in year 6 primary school. He is very playful and easily distracted during learning session in the class. I remember when he was in kindergarten, the teacher used to put him at her side to ensure he does'not disturb other children. This problem goes on in the primary school. Every class teacher complained to me except one particular teacher when he was in year 4. She never passed bad comments about him and I've found that my son likes her very much. It is so obvious that during the Teacher's Day, he bought only 2 presents. One for the current class teacher and the other one for that particular teacher. I wondered why and queried him. He said that, the teacher treated him as a friend compared to other teacher who always find fault and never tried to be friendly.
    Therefore, I think, to handle boys we need to tackle their feeling. Treat them as friends. However, we still need to balance it with a reasonable discipline. They don't like to ordered to do things but if you discuss with them calmly and nicely, they would be able to follow.

  2. Im not too sure about this Prof. Both boys and girls are a bit difficult to handle to me. They are both of different breeds and should be handles as separate individuals.

    I believe that nurturing and nature has the main influence on ones upbringing.

  3. Sememangnya, menjadi ketakutan di kalangan ibu bapa masa kini yang mempunyai anak lelaki yang sedang membesar. Termasuk saya yang mempunyai seorang anak lelaki berumur 5 tahun. Berbeza dengan kelakuan dan keaktifan anak perempuan, anak lelaki juga sangat sukakan cabaran dan risiko. Soal peratus kemasukan anak lelaki yang semakin lemah di mana-mana Institusi Pengajian Tinggi, saya bersetuju dengan pandangan Prof. Puan Sri, yang mengatakan Sistem dan corak/bentuk pendidikan di sekolah merupakan antara sebab ianya berlaku. Mungkin dengan sedikit perubahan baru dalam sistem pendidikan contohnya memasukkan lebih elemen praktikal (prestasi berdasarkan aktiviti/eksperimen/kerja lapangan) berbanding 100% peperiksaan boleh membantu.

  4. I taught kinder garden class before for 5 months.I notice tat many of the boy seem like hyperactive in playing toys but dull when doing coloring and writing.Hard for me to make them sit quietly and listen to me.Even though i sat them in front of me, they still touch their friends or their hand with something playing while you are teaching.

  5. prof..
    i totally agree with ur last idea on recruiting more male teachers..
    coz based on my experince being in boys school during my secondary age...i tend to hear to male teacher rather than female asa we know female teachers tend to "berleter" all the time..
    we just need the real command which is "tough" enough so that we remember..(mohd khalis khalid a117818)

  6. the only problem with the boys nowadays is the lack of good model. they perform badly at school, differs than the girls who are always gradually clinging to the top. models that I’m addressing here are male teachers, who can provide the students with higher motivation than the females'. we have acknowledged that males are declining, either at homes or schools, and this means their life are surrounded by the opposite sex all the time. this contribute to their own inferiority to compete with them, the fear that they will lost for good. having females as teacher will not suit the boys' needs, since they are too 'soft' and 'polite', and this lacking their respect towards them. therefore, I’m totally agree with Prof, that we need to recruit more male teachers, for the sake of boys' future themselves...-A118958