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Monday, June 8, 2009


Nowadays children tend to grow up with the TV and videos and the internet. I have seen that they can be in front of all these modern technological devices everyday every morning and if given permission at night too. Parents and helpers find these devices very useful to occupy themselves and their kids. We live in a world of ICT advancement and we thank ICT for making this society more knowledge based and we more knowledge conscious. Children gain new knowledge and improve their vocabulary .However research also shows that technology can have some negative side effects . Such as on the development of aggressive behavior. Seeing violent movies can make one violent too. This can apply to both children and adults.Why? According to the psychologist Bandura on social learning, we learn much by observation . When we watch for example the TV we may pay attention to what we see through our senses. After that process we register what we saw and try to reproduce or emulate what we see.Thus if there is too much time allocated to watching aggressive movies children will find it rewarding and approved. Of course playing computer games with very attractive and varied media feeds on the children's curiosity and amusement. However there must be some amount of human interactions in our daily lives. A friend told me everyone in the house is so focused in his/her notebook.As a result they forget their surroundings.Well parents can help monitor that there are stable routines to be followed and creative endeavors to be pursued. Children expect stability in the environment besides being curious and imaginative. Privileges must be balanced with responsibility , criticisms with praise


  1. i'm very agree with that issue, since i'm experiencing this. My 4 and 6 yeras old nieces not are better english speaker than I am? why? because they spend most of their times watching television, and now, they seem to know everything than i do...those are the good thing about television..another thing,most of them are born with techology devices all around, and everything happens in this world seems to roaming around their fingertips.. same thing goes when they watch violent or appropriate movies that are not for their age... this is a very dangerous situation, since everything that they shouldn't know have been exposed to them, for example gengsterisme and vandalism...as has been said by Prof earlier, childern learn through observation, and with the present of uncontrollabe access to technology,especially to the bad ones,this will bring a lot of harm to the childrend...so, there is a saying...let us control this technology, not the other way around...

  2. sometimes i feel a bit uneasy to think that my future students know a lot of things than i do. technology allows them to find and browse anything they wish to know, and isn't this indicates something? as i mentioned earlier, my nieces learn to speak English as early 3 years old, and both of them now in their 4 and 6 years old. they learn things through TV programs, and they seem to easily influence by that. ok, maybe this works for the bright side, but, what about the bad ones? it's creepy when to think that the children actually are advancing at least 2 years ahead than their real age. Watching a program without parental guidance will be the main highlight here, since they children act as sponges, absorbing anything they see and create their own inferences to them. they are given uncontrollable access into digital world, the internet, and while the parents busying themselves with working period, their kids will spend most of their times surfing the internet. God knows what they are into that time, therefore, parents should play their roles in this, and put more concern on their children's development, not to solely emphasize on their works alone. -a118958